Monday, August 27, 2012


So, I'm quitting Cabin.
You are?
Yes. I told Kristi if I ever got pregnant I was quitting.
(jumping up and down in my driveway, screaming, at 10 o'clock at night!)

Grandma Rose
(Showing her the pictures)
Do you get it?
(She looks at me.)
We're Thing 1 & Thing 2, and there's going to be a Thing 3 & Thing 4!
No. (She looks at me.) No.
Yes, Grandma!

Have you heard any rumors about us?
Nooooo, like what?
That we're pregnant?
We are!
You are? Really? So it's not a rumor!
Oh my goodness! This is great!!

(An hour later, with Ron)

E, tell them your news!
Well, we're pregnant!
What? Wait a minute, Becky! How long have you known this??!!

Have you heard? I'm going to have a baby!
Ah! E!
Actually, two!
You're lying!

Why are you going to quit Cabin?
Because we're going to have a baby.
Whaaaat? (pause, blank stare) Congratualtions!
Actually, we're having two!
(blank stares)
Nu-uh. You're lying.

We're going to have a baby.
Weeeeeellllll, congratulations!
Acutally, two.
Wait. You mean you're telling me there are two babies in your tummy RIGHT NOW?!?!?!

Carolyn & Amy
(in the drive thru at Cabin)
We're going to have a baby!
(Uncontrollable screaming, their car shaking back and forth!)
Actually, two!
(Stare, then uncontrollable screaming, their car shaking again!)

My Mom
(I gave her a sign that said something like, "the best thing about you being my Mom, is that my kids will get to call you Grandma" ... or something to that effect!)
Oh, that's nice. Thank you. (silence) Wait. Are you pregnant?!?!?!

Friend, Erin
I'm quitting Cabin.
You're lying.
No, I'm not. I'm going to have a baby!
(Gasp) Ah! That's great!
Actually, it's twins!
You're lying.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

13 weeks strong

Pregnant with twins!

My diary at 13 weeks:

How big are the babies? The size of peaches!

Their big changes this week: Finger prints and vocal chords!

Cravings? I've discovered one! The smoked chicken salad croissant at Cabin Coffee! It's all I've been wanting to eat for the past week plus!

Things my nose dislikes currently: Olga's hand sanitzer.

Throwing up? Nadda. Praise the Lord!

New symptoms/blessings?
  • Hiccups! Lots of hiccups!
  • Shedding like sheepdog in molting season!

Weight: 157

Total gain? One pound!

Showing? A friend of mine who knows I'm preggo says I am showing. She's the only one though!

Maternity clothes? I officially fit into some maternity shorts a friend gave me.

Pregnancy brain joys? Instant forgetfulness. I'm worse than a goldfish, I think! I needed to get gas yesterday, so I left to get gas, and then drove straight by the gas station!

Girl/Girl, Boy/Boy, Boy/Girl thoughts? Sure! I'll take them, however they come! :)

Random thoughts: I think I will have Hulk babies, they are draining every ounce of strength from me! I just hope they aren't green! Also, they will be very, very smart, I'm sure, as they are sucking all of my brain power from me! Their middle names shall be "Einstein" ... it's decided! :)

Silly nicknames for the bebes? Fruit Loops & Twinkies

Complaints? None! (This will never change!)

Feeling in general? Excitedly blessed!

{The Fruit Loops are due February 28th, 2013!}

Thursday, August 16, 2012

12 weeks strong

Pregnant with twins!

My diary at 12 weeks:

How big are the babies? The size of plums!

Their big changes this week: Reflexes! Their fingers will soon begin to open and close, toes will curl,  eye muscles will clench, and their mouths will make sucking movements.

Cravings? Pop. Seriously want me some Cherry Pepsi or Dr. Pepper. Which is very strange because I rarely ever drink pop! I've caved a few times, but am trying not to give in too much with that one!

Things my nose dislikes currently: Still the same, eggs being cooked, bad breath and B.O. I got in an elevator the other day that absolutely stunk of B.O. ... glad no one else was in there with me so I could cover my nose with my shirt!

Throwing up? Still, zippo!

Other symptoms/blessings?
  • Fatigued.
  • Frequent trips to the bathroom. I'm pretty sure they think my bladder is a trampoline. Which is cool with me! 
  • Bloody nose, often.

Weight: 156

Gain? Zip.

Supposed to gain? "They" say for a singleton, 2-5 pounds, and 5-10 for twins during the frist tri. I even ate oreos and had a chocolate shake. Still, nothing.

Progesterone shots? Done, done, and done! Praise the Lord!!! 154 total shots.

Showing? Not that anyone has noticed.

Maternity clothes? Nothing new.

Pregnancy brain joys? I can't speak, I mix up my words all the time. But, that may have been an issue before this, too!

Girl/Girl, Boy/Boy, Boy/Girl thoughts? Really, I honestly don't care. I just want happy, healthy babies! It is a pet peeve of mine when people say "You better hope for girls!" or "I bet you're hoping for one of each!" ... I can honestly say, nope! I'm just beyond thankful that these little ones are growing and will be here soon!

Silly nicknames for the bebes? Fruit Loops & Twinkies, thanks to some friends of mine!

Complaints? None!

Feeling in general? Seriously blessed.

{The Fruit Loops are due February 28th, 2013!}

Wednesday, August 15, 2012


My lucky number!

That's right, the twice daily shots have stopped, and my booty is HAPPY!

May 8th-August 10th =
154 total shots =
two beautiful babies =
one happy mamma!

Thank You, Lord, for booty shots, and that they've been a tremendous help in making me a warm and welcoming place for these little ones!

Thursday, August 9, 2012

11 weeks strong

Pregnant with twins!

My diary at 11 weeks:

How big are the babies? The size of limes!

Their big changes this week: The bebes are almost completely formed, and are kicking and moving their legs and arms, and can open and close their fists! Their tooth buds are forming as well!

Cravings? Nothing regular. I'm a mood eater and it seems to be holding true still. I definately know what I want to eat, and what I don't. Last night though, I wanted Golden Grahams. It lasted about 20 minutes, and then it was gone! Mm, now they sound good again! Oh, and my coffee addiction/desire has all but died, literally from the moment I found out I was preggers! Thankful for that one, I didn't know how I was going to be able to resist coffee!

Things my nose dislikes currently: Eggs being cooked, bad breath and B.O. I know, awkward.

Throwing up? Nope, nadda. Not once!

Other symptoms/blessings?
  • Fatigued.
  • Frequent trips to the bathroom.
  • Can't swallow pills worth a hoot! I used to be the type to swallow five pills at one time, no problem! Now, I gag on the tiniest little pill! Quite hilarious actually!
  • I cry at the silliest shows: Cake Boss, Andy Griffith, and any time there's a pregnant woman in a movie, especially if they're giving birth!

Weight: 156

Gain? Zip.

Supposed to gain? "They" say for a singleton, 2-5 pounds, and 5-10 for twins during the frist tri. I've got one week to gain 5-10 pounds?! Bring on the Oreos!

Progesterone shots? Still doing them! Today marked the 153rd shot since the start of this past transfer. I am down to half the amount, so am being weaned off them, and will hear soon if I can stop completely!

Showing? I think yes, but nobody has noticed that I know of! I had a "belly" before, I just can't suck it in any longer!

Maternity clothes? Bella bands so I can wear my regular pants unbuttoned, and one pair of maternity shorts that I wear on occasion.

Pregnancy brain joys? Yes. I'm even more of a klutz than before. I left the grocery store, WITHOUT my groceries one day. I left the oven on all night a few nights ago. I forget things lickety-split.

Girl/Girl, Boy/Boy, Boy/Girl thoughts? I'm thinking girls (big surprise!), Lips is thinking boy/girl, and I've had dreams of a boy/girl combo. (Girl is a funny word. Girl. Girl? Weird word.) Really tho, I don't care at all! Thankful for any combo at all!

Silly nicknames for the bebes? Besides calling them "bebes", currently, they are my Fruit Loops!

Complaints? None!

Feeling in general? Seriously blessed.

{The Fruit Loops are due February 28th, 2013!}

Wednesday, August 8, 2012


I have always thought it would be cool to be a superhero. Especially one that could fly. Superman has therefore, always been one of my favorites. And oh, the Dean Cain portrayal of Superman? HELLO! LOVE THAT GUY. Whoops, getting sidetracked.

While I could never dream to be as cool as Superman, I can't fly, and look horrid in tights, I do have one thing in common with him. A weakness when it comes to Kryptonite. Mine however isn't the green, glowing kind. It's the yellowish kind.



Sick. Sick. Sick.

One day, I used the restroom at work shortly after an elderly gentleman had. I walked in to the toilet seat up, foamy, yellow pee in the toilet, and pee all over the floor. As an employee, it's my job to clean that up, of course. I didn't know yet though, that pee was my Kryptonite.

I bent down, paper towels in hand, to wipe it up. No big deal, right? Wrong. Let the uncontrollable gagging begin! It took all my strength to clean that little mess up.

A few days later, as I was leaving my home with some friends, the dog decided to pee on the kitchen floor. It was a lake of pee, I kid you not. (Disgusting, I know. Thankfully, this is not a normal occurrence. I don't know what her deal was! PS, I really dislike this dog.)

I wanted to get it cleaned up before my friends saw it, so I told them I'd be along in a few minutes. I grabbed the roll of paper towels, bent down, and yep. Gag city. This time it was really bad, ten times worse than the last time. I tried to wipe it up, but would have to walk away after not even ten seconds to catch my breath and calm my tummy down. At one point I was trying to decided where to throw up, in the trash with the pee paper towels, or in my kitchen sink. I ran outside instead, but managed to not throw up. Back to the clean up. Nope, not happening. After about eight minutes of this back and forth behavior from me, my friends came back in to find a mess of paper towels on the floor and me standing by the sink breathing heavily and on the brink of tears.

It's amazing how humbling it is to see your friends clean up YOUR dog's mess.

I must say, that I have been EXTREMELY blessed in this beautiful pregnancy to not have moring sickness yet. I haven't thrown up once. I've been close though, as you read, thanks to my so called "Kryptonite." But I say, bring it on, Kryptonite! Is that all you've got?

Friday, August 3, 2012


{July 9th}

Alright. Tell me, Elissa. What do you see?

I see two?

Yes! Congratulations! You're having twins!

Huh? This is still a bit, I don't know, surreal? A) Pregnant. B) Twins. Holy cowboy! If I'm dreaming, please, I'm begging you, don't wake me up!

Both embies survived! Their flickering heartbeats on the screen were proof of their love, their little lives! We are super excited, a tiny bit terrified, a whole lot of thankful!

Hey there, Lord. You know what? You're just pretty stinking awesome. All the time. No matter what. I know, I know, You already know that. Still, just had to say it, again! Thank You!