Friday, September 21, 2012


I've had a bit of a stuffy nose lately. It's common, they say, during pregnancy. Something about the mucus, ug. I shan't go on about mucus.

The other night I had a dream though, about some adorable little baby birds. There were three nests, all in a row, and I walked up to one and peered in at two baby birds, just cuter than all get out. And then, one let out a slow, whistle like chirp. How cute, right?

I moved on to the next nest. One little baby bird. The same story, he let out a few of the same chirps. I was very happy to have found these little guys.

On to the third nest, with three little baby birds. They all took a turn, looking at me and giving me that sweet, whistly chirp. Can't get enough!

Then, I woke up and realized; I wasn't hearing baby birds chirping. I was hearing my snotty nose, WHISTLING every time I breathed in!

Oh. My. Goodness. GROSS.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

17 weeks strong

Pregnant with twins!

My diary at 17 weeks:

How big are the babies? The size of onions! I feel like the last few vegetables/fruits have been relatively the same size, but to give you a better idea, they are around 5 inches long ... beauties!

Their big changes this week: Their bones are hardening and they are starting to build up fat under their transparent skin. Hopefully not as much fat as that sumo wrestler baby I had the dream about tho! :)

Cravings this week? Nothing really new or interesting this week. I did cave on that seafood sub however, just warmed up the seafood salad to steaming. Yeah, warm imitation crab meat, warm mayo ... meh. Not what I was hoping for. I think that craving is cured for a LONG while!

Things my nose dislikes currently: Funny thing. I've had some orders for cake pops the end of last week and again today, and I've discovered the candy coating is not my favorite smell. So sweet smelling!

New symptoms/blessings?
  • I'm noticing trigger foods for heartburn, so I've been staying away from them. Chocolate is one. Ah, sad day.
  • Sleepless nights. 3am is my favorite hour to wake up wide awake to.
  • I feel like I breathe really heavily. I don't know if that makes any sense. I'm just very conscious now that I'm breathing, when I never really thought about it before.
  • My sis-in-law told me today I was nearly halfway through the pregnancy, if we count me as having them at 36 weeks, which is fairly common with twins. SO CRAZY!
  • I think it's all starting to sink in a bit with me. I'm finding myself talking to the little beans and just being excited in general. :)

Weight: 162. Whoa. A four pound jump from last week? My scale has got to be off :s

Total gain? Six pounds!?

Showing? Maybe? I get mixed reviews.

Maternity clothes? Still able to get into my regular clothes, with the help of a Bellaband.

Pregnancy brain joys? Just forgetful in general. At work, "Did I open that container and just leave it there?", "Did I put that bacon in the microwave?", "Did I set my timer?" ... usually, I'm NOT the one doing the things I ask if I did, but the fact that I can't even remember if I did is pretty silly!

Girl/Girl, Boy/Boy, Boy/Girl thoughts? People are guessing girls for some reason. It would be my guess too, if I were to throw one out there, simply because the family we adopted from has all sweet little girls. I'm excited to find out though!

Feeling movements? FOR SURE! It's pretty amazing! I'm pretty sure one is break dancer, moving around alot! I'll have to buy him some MC Hammer type pants. Wait, was he a break dancer? No, no. Nevermind.

Silly nicknames for the bebes? Fruit Loops and this week, the Beans.

Complaints? None! (This will never change!)

Feeling in general? Stinking awesome :)

{The Fruit Loops are due February 28th, 2013!}

Monday, September 17, 2012


My dreams shortly after the first transfer, where pleasant, silly dreams. My dreams with these little ones however, have been nothing but frightening and odd. I don't know why, with these little gifts inside of me, and me feeling really well, I'm dreaming the way I am, but I am. They make me giggle a little now, but when I wake up after having one, I'm not too happy.

I had twins, a boy and a girl. The girl was lost, I never saw her. The boy, I lost during the dream. I did find him, thankfully, but he was wedged between a booth and a wall, all filthy with dirt.

I have no way to say this, other than I was nursing a dog. A DOG! Meh! And there were a bunch of people looking at me, like I was crazy. I couldn't figure out what their problem was and I just kept asking, "What? WHAT?" The worst part of this dream was, I didn't even know the dog! It was a random dog! Oh my.

Sumo baby:
I mentioned this one before, but I had twin boys and one was totally normal, and the other? Well, he looked just like a mini version of a sumo wrestler! I kid you not! I would look at the smaller baby and be filled with warmth and happiness, and then look at the sumo baby and think, "WHAT IS WRONG WITH THIS BABY??!!"

Friday, September 14, 2012


Sweet little ones, there appears to be some confusion.

This is NOT a trampoline. It is, in fact, my bladder. Well, that isn't MY bladder specifically, but I'm sure it looks almost exactly the same.

THIS IS a trampoline. Much more fun to jump on than my bladder.

But seeing as you are still growing, and learning, and have seen neither to know the difference, I'll let the jumping on my internal "trampoline" slide. :) And once you're out and about, we'll buy you a REAL trampoline!

Thursday, September 13, 2012

16 weeks strong

Pregnant with twins!

My diary at 16 weeks:

How big are the babies? The size of avocados!

Their big changes this week: Yawning! How cute! Hope to see that in an ultrasound! Eyebrows, lashes, and hair are starting to take their place. AND, the bones in their ears are forming, which means they will soon be able to pick up on my voice and other sounds. I hope they don't mind my singing in the shower!

Cravings this week? A stinking seafood salad sub from Subway. But, they say to stay away from cold lunch meats, to reduce exposure to listeria (a harmful bacteria), and imitation crab meat falls into that catergory. Yesterday, I was going crazy. It's all I could think about! I decided to try and make my own with canned crab meat (which is ok). I should have stopped as soon as I opened the can, the smell was horrid, but I didn't. Let's just say, I forced down a few bites and was finished. Gross! Meh! The thought of it still gets to me! Seafood!!! Man.

Things my nose dislikes currently: Green onions. That went into my attempt at seafood salad. And then, they went in the trash, and the trash went outside!

New symptoms/blessings?
  • Extreme exhaustion again. Baby growth spurt?
  • Not sleeping well at night again. Haha, I think I've reverted back to how I felt at 6 weeks!
  • Round ligament pain. I was warned about this one, but wow! What a feeling!

Weight: 158 (no change from last week)

Total gain? Two pounds!

Showing? I think not.

Maternity clothes? Still able to get into my regular clothes, with the help of a Bellaband.

Pregnancy brain joys? Very emotional, again! Crying at Dr. Quinn episodes, during the opening credits of Ever After just thinking about the story ... the list could go on!

Girl/Girl, Boy/Boy, Boy/Girl thoughts? I had a dream about two boys the other night. One was the size of a sumo wrestler, just in baby proportions. Huh?

Feeling movements? I'm pretty confident I am, especially at night! I still doubt myself, but I'm definately feeling something. The best way I can describe it is it being similar in feeling to the muscle twitching in my legs after a good walk or run.

Silly nicknames for the bebes? Fruit Loops. They're stuck with it.

Complaints? None! (This will never change!)

Feeling in general? Excitedly blessed!

{The Fruit Loops are due February 28th, 2013!}

Thursday, September 6, 2012

15 weeks strong

Pregnant with twins!

My diary at 15 weeks ... (I missed 14 weeks due to involvement in a friend's wedding):

How big are the babies? The size of apples!

Their big changes this week: Their legs are now longer than their arms. They are also moving amniotic fluid through their little noses into their upper respiratory system. Amazing!

Cravings? Lemonade. But, I think it's been giving me heartburn, so I've been trying to stay away from it. Tacos always sound yummy to me, as do potatoes!

Things my nose dislikes currently: Hating the cooking sausage smell at work.

New symptoms/blessings?
  • Slight heartburn.
  • Sneezing, with results not intended. If you know what I mean. :p

Weight: 158

Total gain? Two pounds!

Showing? A few more friends have said I am, but nobody just off the wall. A few of my friends have also said I'm NOT showing at all yet, haha. We'll just have to wait til it's mega obvious!

Maternity clothes? Nothing new, but you will find me in stretchy yoga pants most days.

Pregnancy brain joys? Super blondness!  Today, I was talking about how unintelligent I was and I used the phrase, "I'm not the brightest tool in the shed." ... I rest my case.

Girl/Girl, Boy/Boy, Boy/Girl thoughts? No thoughts, just thankfulness!

Feeling movements? I thought maybe I did today, just once, but I'm not sure. I leaned against the window at work and felt a "blub", which I thought was a muscle twitch, but I very well may be been a Fruit Loop!

Silly nicknames for the bebes? Fruit Loops & Twinkies

Complaints? None! (This will never change!)

Feeling in general? Excitedly blessed!

{The Fruit Loops are due February 28th, 2013!}