Sunday, March 24, 2013

one month

you both sleep. a lot. well, at least for the first two weeks you did.

you wake each other up if in the same bassinette.

your newborn clothes are a bit baggy.

Pais, you spit up more than Pem. I know, tmi.

@ two weeks you weighed 6/6 {Pem} and 6/8 {Pais}.

your cords fell off at 2+1wks {Pem} ad 2+3wks {Pais}.

Pais, your cry sounds like a yell. One loud outburst and then quiet. Repeat. (it's hard not to giggle, it sounds so angry!)

Pem, yours is a fairly "normal" baby cry.

I'm terrified of going anywhere alone with you.

you are still, perfectly beautiful.

oh, and taking good pics of babies is hard.

one month!

Eeek! Is that a spider!?

Thursday, March 7, 2013

be still, my heart

Look at my loves ...

Paisley Mae & Pemberley Rose

Thank You, Lord for these snow angels. Your gifts are amazing and I will not ever, no never, take them for granted. Thank You for blessing me beyond reason.