Wednesday, April 24, 2013

two months

you take little, short naps.

Pem, you wiggle. a lot. no more co-sleeper for you.

you still both eat every two hours or so. unless traveling, then you go longer.

you both will follow me with your eyes.

Pem, you are starting to share real smiles.

Pais, you're a bit more serious, but have cracked a few of those sweet smiles.

Pem, you've started to give a high pitched scream when you start to cry. and you get mega upset if your needs aren't met immediately.

Pais, you started "yelling" during communion at church one Sunday. and your cry is preceded by rapid breathing through your nose before your yell when you are very upset.

Pem, you've developed a slight case of baby acne. and chapped cheeks. you're still cute, don't worry.

@ your two month appointment you weighed in at an impressive 9/10 {Pem} and 10/9 {Pais}. I was shocked, and very proud.

you both grab at my shirt and hair, but you don't reach for things on purpose yet.

Pem, you oftentimes pull your own hair and scream like someone else is doing it.

I went to Target ALONE with you for the first time when you turned two months. I'm a rock star, I know.

you are still, perfectly beautiful.

oh, and taking GOOD pictures of babies is still very, very hard. you wanted nothing to do with pics this day, Pais.

two months!