Friday, May 24, 2013

three months

you both wake up with smiles every morning. sometimes at 6am. 6am is nothing to smile at, just saying. But, if I have to be up, there's nothing I'd rather be up for than those smiles!

most days, you both only take little cat naps during the day. naps are good, girlies. just saying.

you both rub your eyes when tired and I think it is beyond cute.

you've been good about going down for the night between 8-9pm and then you sleep til midnight at least.

I am discovering, that for the most part, Pem does everything about a week and a half before Pais does.

Pais, you are a mover while you sleep. You wiggle and wiggle, all night long.

you both are turning yourselves sideways in your cribs. Pem, you will wake yourself up when your head touches the bars of the crib.

you both are scootching now. Pem, you were mad one night when I was vacuuming and scooted almost all the way across the living room floor. You will be rolling soon, I'm sure of it!

you both are super strong, and enjoy tummy time. Pem is a bit stronger though. it's ok, Pais, you've still got her beat in size.

since we are talking about size, Pais, you have super chunky legs and cheeks. I call you my "Chunky Monkey" ... don't worry, you're still adorable! And, it's cute at your age to have a double chin.

you both are cooing, talking, and squealing. You've both been making eye contact with me and smiling at me for quite a while, but you have just begun making eye contact and smiling at EACH OTHER ... so fun to see the wheels turning, wondering who this other baby is stealing my time!

Pem, you squeak a lot and have acquired the nickname "Squeaks".

Pem, you still pull your hair and scream bloody murder. silly girl.

Pem, you also don't like to be held like a baby much. you are definitely an oldest child. You both love to stand as well.

you both are extremely drooly and love to suck on your fists. Oh, and Pais, you suck your bottom lip in completely at times. adorable.

you both are reaching and batting at things/toys, though you are not able to purposely grab them yet.

Pais, you play well by yourself, and love to play under the activity gym. Sometimes, you will even fall asleep playing, arms straight above your head. Simply cute.

Pem, you like to be held and rarely fall asleep by yourself. you like to be rocked to sleep.

you had your first full baths at 10 weeks. Pais, you loved it. Pem, you thought the world was ending. But now, you seem to be doing just fine with them.

I am pretty comfortable going out and about with you both now. Yipee!

look! the crazy doll is shrinking!
baths are now ok ... I think?

love these faces!