Monday, June 24, 2013

four months

laughter! Pais gives actual giggles, and on occasion, so does Pem. and Pais is a bit ticklish between her collar bone and shoulder ... perfect for tickles with my chin!

mornings are still happy happy time ... the smiles and talking are non-stop!

at 15 weeks Pem rolled over. I thought for sure it would be weeks for Pais to do it, but nope, two days later Pais did! I was shocked!

Pem acquired major "stranger danger" and for about a week and a half would flip out on anyone who even dared to look at her. except me, of course ;) now, it comes and goes.

at the four month check, Pem weighed 13lbs 4oz, and Pais weighed 14lbs 3oz. the Dr said that they were both advanced in their motor skills for their age, couldn't believe how well they would stand up!

bedtime has been moved up to 7:30pm ... these little non-nappers couldn't make it quite as late!

you both are still beautiful, perfect, little girls!

these shots don't ever work out like I see in my mind.

if you only could have seen the rigmarole of this shot!