Thursday, July 25, 2013

the adventures of Rosie & Mae Mae

The World's Largest Rascal
Rochester, MN

Rosie (Pem) says, "My Mom once helped a man pick up his Rascal after he
                   tipped it over and fell into a busy street."
Mae Mae (Pais) says, "How come he gets to ride it and we don't?"
{Claims of "World's Largest" may or may not be true.}

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

five months

you girls amaze me!

Pais, while you were slow to start to move, you are by far the wiggle worm between the two of you. you roll, and roll, and roll, all around the room. you get up on all fours (gasp!) ... how soon will you be crawling?!

Pem, you are a mover too, just not as go-go as Pais. you are close to being up on all fours, and you do for sure have sticking your bum up in the air down, inching your way towards a toy or whatever it is you have your eye on.

however, laying on the floor is just not as fun as it used to be for you both. sure, you roll around, but you get easily frustrated because you want more! you want to be moving more, standing, etc. you like being in the jumpers, or in your booster seats ... the view is better I guess!

speaking of your booster seats ... it is amazing how quickly you learned the game of "throw my toy on the floor just so Mom has to come and pick it up" ... little stinkers.

you both grab for everything. eating has become difficult with you on our laps. Pem, you've grabbed a handful of BBQ Pork in an instant off my plate, and Pais, a handful of green bean casserole. I don't blame you, those are some of my favorite foods!

you both are super ready to eat solid food, and will just love it when the time comes. one more month, babies, and it's all yours! well, not all of it. we'll start with bananas, avocados, and sweet potatoes. once again, all my favorites, so here's hoping you love them as well!

Pem, you've developed quite the high pitched scream type of cry. it's amazingly loud!

you both are quite the little talkers, especially in the morning. I love to hear your little voices, music to my ears!

Pais, you crack up easily at the dog running around crazily. you did it one night as well, Pem, the most I've heard you laugh yet!

Pem, you do the cutest little scratchy thing on your sheets when you're going to sleep. you just open and close your fist, scratching the sheets to make a noise. adorb.

Pais, you love to suck on your fist. or my finger. or my arm. or neck. or your arm. and you are quite powerful ... you've given me a few hickeys, and even yourself! silly girl! you ironically dislike a pacifier. Pem, you love your paci.

when you hit four months, you went through a phase of waking up every two hours in the night again. you are thankfully back to sleeping a bit longer now ... still waking up 2-3 times a night (6 total for me!), but I can't, and won't complain ;)

Pem, you do the cutest nose crinkle and sometimes it is even accompanied with a snort of sorts!

Pais, you've been "growling" for lack of a better word. so stinking adorable!

Pem! you have poked through two bottom teeth! I went to give you a "pretend" spoonful of what I was eating and I heard a "clunk!" against the spoon! {7-19}

blessings, you are! (said like Yoda)

sweet Paisey!

love this nose crinkle!

that doll is shrinking, I think!

"Let me fix your bow, Pem."

"Yep, that's better."

Pais isn't amused with the splashing.


Thursday, July 18, 2013

the adventures of Rosie & Mae Mae

I'm excited to take my girls to all the weird and random places and things I like to see, like giant frying pans, three-toed sloths, Lady Libs, etc, etc. Especially since people told us "your lives are going to end" once we had the girls. Good grief. Why are people so silly?

Of course our lives changed once they were born, and everyone's does and should when they have kiddos, but that doesn't have to mean changed for the worst, like everyone seemed to imply. I love all the changes. They are so great, and I longed for them for so, so, so very long. Well, except for my mega stretched out belly, that I fear will never resemble anything presentable ever again. I guess I don't LOVE that, and certainly didn't long for it, but alas, I'll embrace it at least. It's a reminder that I have these two sweet babes, so I'm thankful for it! "Mom" jeans have never been so appealing.

Anywho. Adventures. My two littles will have many, many of them with us. And someday, they'll look back and think, "We have the coolest Mom EVER!" ... or more than likely, "We have the WEIRDEST Mom EVER!" ... but "cool" and "weird" are pretty much interchangeable, right? Right.

Here's the first picture in their series of adventures! There may not ever be much of a story, but there certainly will be a bit of humor.


The World's Largest Bullhead
Crystal Lake, IA

Rosie (Pem) says, "This guys was built in 1958 and is over 17 feet long."

Mae Mae (Pais) says, "Yeah, I caught that."

{Claims of "World's Largest" may or may not be true.}

Monday, July 15, 2013


It amazes me how often people ask, "are they identical?" ... or just assume, "twins? they must be identical?" ... or just say, "wow! are they identical or what?!" ... one day, a lady told her little girl, "look at them, they are EXACT copies of each other!"

Well, I don't know what babies they are looking at, but I'm thinking they need their eyes checked. ;) Haha, here are my "identical" twins. ;) (pardon the just wakin' up goober faces!)

Paisy Poo & Pemby Roo