Friday, November 30, 2012

look at this punum!

Last week we had a "big" ultrasound to check and make sure the girls were growing at the same rate. All is well!

We got a big treat though, when the tech said, "Let's see if we can get a 3D shot of them!"

Lavern was very cooperative and we got a great look at her beautiful face! How exciting! Shirley was a little shy and had her face shoved into the side of my belly, so we didn't get a good shot of her. Little stinker! :)

Thursday, November 29, 2012

27 weeks strong

Pregnant with twin GIRLS!!!

My diary at 27 weeks:

How big are the babies? The size of a head of cauliflower. I think these comparisons are silly, haha!

Their big changes this week: They are opening and closing their eyes now! How exciting!

Cravings this week? Nadda.

New news/blessings?
  • I got word this week that I have gestational diabetes. I failed the one hour test, and then failed the three hour test. Still waiting to hear from the diabetic nurse to find out how we go about handling it. There's a bit of me feeling like I did something wrong, but honestly, I don't eat terrible! I promise you, I am not eating cupcakes all day! I can't even remember the last time I ate one of my own! I also wonder if my sluggishness and heart episodes are related to this new discovery? We shall see what the good Doc says. The risks of GD are preterm labor (which I'm already at a higher risk for since I have twins) and bigger birth weight making delievery difficult (this shouldn't be an issue though, since there are two once again). I am most concerned about preterm labor, so I hope to get this figured out soon!
  • Still no couch for me, trying to keep the girls head down. I'm doing pretty good. I have sat in a recliner a few times, out of sheer need, haha! I NEED to get off the floor! :)
  • We are currently working on a birth plan and I'm hoping for the most ideal circumstances possible! Here's to hoping!
Weight: 179 (last week was 179)

Total gain? 23 pounds.

Inches around? 44 (no change)

Belly button? Yep, she's still there.

Maternity clothes? Here and there. I did dig out a winter coat I wore years and years ago, when I was a bit heavier, because none of my current coats will zip!

New dance moves? They are busy, busy in there! No new sensations, just more drastic, if that makes sense?

Things people say: "Do twins run in your family?" My response totally depends on who is asking this question. Random store clerks get a "Nope, not really." and friends will get a deeper explanation into the beautiful world of  embryo adoption.

Silly nicknames for the bebes? I decided the girls need "real" names to fill the gap until they arrive. And by "real", I mean fake, haha! I am going to slip up soon otherwise and spill their REAL names if I don't give them fake ones (trying to keep them a surprise!). So, for now, I have Laverne on my left, and Shirley on my right. Yay!

Complaints? None! (This will never change!)

Feeling in general? So excited! And beyond blessed.

{The Fruit Loops are due February 28th, 2013!}

Thursday, November 22, 2012

26 weeks strong

Pregnant with twin GIRLS!!!

My diary at 26 weeks:

How big are the babies? The size of a head of lettuce according to one site, and the size of an eggplant according to another. They are measuring according to ultrasound roughly around 1lb 6 oz and 1lb 9 ounces. I know that is only a guess tho!

Their big changes this week: They are working on their breathing skills by continuing to inhale small amounts of amniotic fluid. Strengthen those lungs, girls! They are beginning to put on little bits of fat as well.

Cravings this week? I was beyond pumped to find caffeine free Coke (in cans) the other day. Hello, Roy Rogers.

New news/blessings?
  • THEY FLIPPED! Yes! Last week they were both breech. This week, they were both head down at my "big" ultrasound. I was so excited! My Dr. is telling me that they will soon run out of room, which is why he didn't want to get my hopes up by saying they'd flip last week, so hopefully they are out of room now! A few midwives that our instructor knows says they can still be flipping for weeks yet, and a friend who had twins says hers flipped until almost 30 weeks. I know each body is different though, so we shall see what happens. I am feeling that same thumping again yesterday and today that I felt when they were breech, so I'm thinking they may have flipped, yet again! Oh, girls. I was slowly trying to accept the fact that they were breech (meaning c-section), so if they end up that way, I will be ok with it. I'm still blessed beyond reason.
  • This is day 5 of not sitting on the couch. Keeping correct posture and not "sinking" into a couch or cushy chair is supposed to encourage the girls to stay head down. My butt is killing me with all of this floor sitting. But, it's worth it!!
  • I feel as if I'm going to explode, but I love it. It is slightly uncomfortable tho, haha!
  • I can actually see them moving my belly now. It. Is. Amazing.
  • My heart is beating irregularly more often, and I talked to my Dr. about it again last week. The girls are just fine, so right now, I need to (in his words) "take it easy" ... I already feel like a bum with how easy I am taking it, but am trying to slow down even more.
  • Pregnancy induced carpal tunnel syndrome. Ouch. Folks, this syndrome is not fun, and I feel bad for those who struggle with it while NOT pregnant. Lord willing, mine will go away after the girls arrive. My hands are continually numb, and I wake up in the middle of the night with the worst throbbing in my arms and hands. Splints have helped a tad at night, which I'm thankful for. Right now, typing this out is pretty difficult with numb fingers tho!

Weight: 179 (last week was 178)

Total gain? 23 pounds.

Showing? This is a silly question now. I need to think of a new one! :) My Dr. did make me promise to not let anyone in Wal-Mart randomly walk up to me and touch my belly. He says, "I don't know what is wrong with people that they think they can walk up to total strangers and put their hands on their belly!" He's hilarious. I have decided to, from now on, put my hands on any person's belly in return to them putting their hands on mine. This could get awkward.

Inches around? 44

Belly button? Still a hole. It is funny how people talk about my belly button like they are commenting on the weather, or the color of my hair or something. A belly button. It's an awkward hole in the middle of your belly. Why are we talking about this? I can only chuckle!

Maternity clothes? I am fast approaching leaving my old clothes in the dust. For two simple reasons. 1) Hiking my normal pants up every 3 minutes is no longer cute. 2) Walking into the bathroom at work to see an inch and a half gap of belly where my yoga pants and work shirt fail to meet has never, and will never be flattering.

New dance moves? Last night every time I woke up due to a trip to the bathroom or throbbing arms, the girls were dancing away. That was the first night they've been active the whole night. It was great!

Things people say: I got my first "Better you than me!" comment from someone the other day. I was told that this would happen. Welp, I am thankful it's me, and that's all I'll say back to anyone who says that  to me. :)

Silly nicknames for the bebes? Fruit Loops, Bebes, Beans.

Complaints? None! (This will never change!)

Feeling in general? So excited! And beyond blessed.

{The Fruit Loops are due February 28th, 2013!}

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

breech baby, breech baby

This sounds silly, but I've had this strange "thumping" ... ah, like they're punching my butt, or, or something.

Your cervix. They're hitting your cervix. Let's take a look. Oh. Here's why. Both girls are breech. They are kicking your cervix. I'm not going to lie to you, at this point in time they more than likely won't flip back to head down. There's just not enough room.

That means a c-section for sure.


Those punks.

(He throws back his head in laughter.)

Needless to say, I've been kind of bummed all day. I just wanted to go all natural!

And now, if you'll excuse me, I have some bouncing on my yoga ball to do. See if I can get those punks to flip. Please flip, little ones!

Thursday, November 8, 2012

24 weeks strong

Pregnant with twin GIRLS!!!

My diary at 24 weeks:

How big are the babies? One site says they are about the length of an ear of corn ... and they say they are well over a pound each now! Another site says they are the size of a cantaloupe! I'm so confused as to which is right! Either way, they are getting bigger every week!

Their big changes this week: The girls can now sense movement from me ... which means, when I'm having my little dance parties in the kitchen, they are moving and grooving right along with me! Or, getting sea sick from my lack of skill :P Their skin is also starting to have a lovely pink color to it. Fitting, huh?

Cravings this week? No new cravings ... I think the "craving" part might be over for me! Not that it was super crazy anyway. I'm struggling the most with just eating enough in general. I can't eat much before I feel extremely stuffed!

New news/blessings?
  • I grow more in love with these little girls every day. What a blessing they are!
  • I love it when people want to ask me if I'm pregnant, but aren't sure if they should. Their eyes go from my belly to my face, back to my belly, then to my face. Yes, dear people, I can see where your eyes are looking! Subtle, haha!
  • My heart still races, but I'm adjusting to it. It just makes calming down to sleep difficult, and also makes me tire very easily. But, it's not too bad! I'm doing just fine!
  • I've discoverd that me + sneezing + my squished bladder = trouble.
  • We were asked in our birthing class to name one negative thing about our pregnancy, and I struggled to think of one. I've been very blessed! The ONLY thing I felt was negative, or more so, stressful, was creating a gift registry!!!! Holy cowboy. Can someone just do this for me? Kthnxbai. 
  • Thanks to the Bradley Method birthing class, Jerome is now confident he can deliver the girls by himself if need be. I'm glad he's so sure of himself. Me? I reeeeeeeaaaaaaallllllyyyyyy hope there's not a blizzard that day and we can make it to the hospital.

Weight: 175

Total gain? 19 pounds. Ok, I think my scale is off. There is no way I've gained 8 pounds in two weeks!

Showing? Yes, the belly is totally there! Ran into one of my old high school youth group boys the other day and he paid me a sweet compliment! He's the type of boy that will speak his mind, no matter how harsh it sounds. For example, if he thought I were stupid, he'd say "You're stupid." Haha! So, when I saw him, and told him I was pregnant, he said "Obviously." I said, "Hey now! Be nice!" and he said "I am being nice! It's just obvious you're pregnant. Normally you're very slim!" SWEETEST THING EVER!

Inches around? 43 (I think I've had a growth explosion the past two weeks!)

Belly button? Still my normal button, tho getting a bit shallow!

Maternity clothes? My normal clothes are still the biggest part of my wardrobe, but some of my shirts look a bit short and ridiculous. Nothing a tank top underneath can't fix tho!

New dance moves? I absolutely LOVE feeling them wiggle and jiggle inside me! I wish I could see them all the time! The girls are very active in the evening and mornings. Hm, I wonder if that means they'll be night owls AND early birds!? Ah. Let's pick one or the other little missies, okie doke?

Things people say: "How are you feeling?" I can't tell you how many times a day I'm asked that! "I'm feeling just great!" is my usual response, which is the total truth! Thank You, Lord!

Silly nicknames for the bebes? Fruit Loops, Bebes, Beans.

Complaints? None! (This will never change!)

Feeling in general? So excited! And beyond blessed.

{The Fruit Loops are due February 28th, 2013!}

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Sometimes I share ...

The NEDC (where we adopted from) highlights some of their adoptive parents' blog journeys on their FB. This one was posted today, and I thought it was great. My reasoning for sharing (and sometimes not) our adoption journey with others, especially strangers, may be slightly different than hers, but I still loved her blog post and wanted to share it. It brought tears to my eyes.

How you came to be our daughter is a complete miracle. Your origins are unique and sacred. I will do everything I possibly can to honor them, treasure them, and not exploit them.
I want you to know everything you would ever want to know about how you came to be ours. Please, ask any and every question your little heart desires. I will withhold nothing.

You are nothing to be ashamed of.
You are everything to be esteemed.
But, dearest daughter, I want you to know something. Because of everything I just mentioned, you may notice that I don’t always freely tell others about your precious journey to us. Certainly, those who matter know. But, when some sweet old lady at the grocery store comments on how you must have inherited your Mommy’s blond hair (hello! I was simply born to be a blond), or where did you get your sky blue eyes, or don’t you and your brother look so much alike, sometimes I just smile and nod.

Sometimes, daughter, I don’t share.
And I want you to know that it is not because of any other reason than that I simply want to employ my mother bear instincts and protect you from puzzled looks, awkward facial reactions, or uncomfortable pauses.

The sweet old ladies of the world can continue to believe you to be mine, genetically, and I will leave it to the embryo adoption ambassadors of the world to preach your message to the masses.

(Britney Colton)