Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Dr. T

I just have to brag on this guy for a moment. He's pretty great.

This is my OB, Dr. Thorn. From the moment I met him, he's made me feel like the most special gal in the world. I'd like to say that I'm his favorite, but I'm pretty sure he makes all his patients feel that way. Or, maybe I really am his favorite because I bring him cupcakes on occasion? Who knows, haha!

At my first appointment with him (after the first transfer was unsuccessful and we decided I needed surgery to remove two small polyps, in case they were posing a problem), he was so sympathetic, and assured me I would some day be pregnant. I felt like he cared about me like he would his own daughter.

When I saw him for the first time after becoming pregnant with the girls, I can't tell you how many times he hugged and kissed me, and then went down the hall grabbing every nurse he walked by telling them "She's having twins! Isn't that incredible?!"

He listens to me, encourages me, and is excited for my girls almost as if they were his own! I'm very thankful for him!

Some of my favorite quotes from him:

Two girls! You are the perfect woman for two girls! All that drama!

Don't be offended, but you're a girly-girl. You are!

Hon, you're the cream of the crop.

You tell that nurse SHE needs to be flexible!

Look! She's waving at you! Hi Mom!

Well of course you're not cold. You've got two heaters in there.

What does "thumping" mean?

I'm not going to B.S. you ...

Please, please. please don't let random people in Wal-Mart touch your belly!

I realize that some of those won't make much sense to you without the complete conversation, but they are still funny to me!

Oh, and right after this pic he gave me a big kiss on the cheek. :)

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  1. Felt just like you were talking about me! Because I'm pretty sure "I" am his favorite! LOL!! There is not a doctor in the world that can hold a candle to him! He's the best that they come!