Thursday, December 20, 2012

30 weeks strong

Pregnant with twin GIRLS!!!

My diary at 30 weeks:

How big are the babies? Seriously? One site says they are as big as a head of cabbage and the other says they are as big as a cucumber. Huh? Without comparing them to totally different vegetables, the girls are supposed to be around 3 pounds each and over 15 inches long!

Their big changes this week: They have the strength and coordination to grip a finger if it were offered them right now. They can have mine any old day! Can't wait! Their eyesite is also up to 20/400 right now, only to be improving as the days go by! They can track light right now, and could see something that was right in front of their beautiful little face.

New news/blessings?
  • I honestly can't believe sometimes that I am pregnant, let alone 30 WEEKS along! It is so crazy, beautiful, and I am in awe of the blessing every single day. God is amazing!
  • The gestational diabetes is starting to get to me a bit, only in the sense that I WANT A COOKIE! Haha! I'm going to ask my dietician if Christmas Eve/Day can be free days so I can eat all the little treats that I want to those days! We shall see what he says :) It's all good though. I will keep these girlies healthy and happy even if it means no cookies for me for the next few weeks. I can do it!
  • I'm on week 4.5 of no couch.
  • Tonight I started packing a hospital bag. Too early, you say? Naw. I'm just prepared ... and slightly excited!
  • A friend of a friend gave us a little monitor so I can try and see if I can hear them inside. I was able to pick up both of their heartbeats today with it. Pretty cool!
Weight: 180 (last week was 181)

Total gain? 24 pounds. I am down a pound from last week. No biggy.

Inches around? 42.5 (Last week was 44. I've shrunk an inch and a half?)

Belly button? Innie, still.

Maternity clothes? Still the same. A little of each.

Braxton Hicks Contractions: Yep. Every night for sure, and a few during the day sometimes! I especially have them on my upper right side. So much so, I can see the muscle mound up and get tight. It really is amazing how God created our bodies!

New dance moves? These girlies LOVE to move! And I LOVE feeling them move! (I'm going to miss it!) Sounds creepy weird, but I wish my belly were transparent so I could see what they are doing! Wouldn't that be amazing? My belly is lop-sided a lot of times as well. I'm assuming it's because the girls are sitting pretty much on top of each other? My left side bulges out more on occasion and it's quite hilarious looking!

Things people say: "Oh, you must feel awful!" I don't know what exactly makes people say things like this, but I get this one a lot. Without rubbing it in too much, I just say "Nope! I feel great!" Really, this is a super blessed time for me, and I am completely loving each moment of being pregnant. Cookies, or no cookies!

Silly nicknames for the bebes? Still the same, Lavern and Shirley, Bebes, Fruit Loops ... I do call them "the girls" most often though. And, it is getting really hard for me to not tell their real names now. Maybe I'll spill their middle names soon on here. We shall see!

Complaints? None! (This will never change!)

Feeling in general? So excited! And beyond blessed.

{The Fruit Loops are due February 28th, 2013!}

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